Postdoctoral Researcher in Economics

Teemu Pekkarinen

I am a postdoctoral researcher in microeconomic theory. My research interests are in information economics and game theory. I work on questions related to auctions and mechanism design.

Currently, I am continuing my research at the MIT Department of Economics. From Fall 2024 onwards, I will be part of the Bonn Economic Theory Group.


Email: teemupek@mit.edu & pekkariselle@gmail.com

Tel.: +1(203) 285-7465

Office: E52-508 

Postal Address:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT

Department of Economics

77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building E52-300

Cambridge, MA 02139


'Equilibrium Pricing under Concave Advertising Costs', The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 2022. (With Klaus Kultti) 

'Equilibrium Price and Advertisement Distributions', Journal of Mathematical Economics, 97: 102535, 2021. (With Klaus Kultti)

Working Papers

'Optimal Auction Design with Royalty Payments', 2023. (With Ian Ball)

'On Bilateral Trade with Interdependent Values', SSRN: 3950363, 2023.

'Optimal Regulation with Costly Verification', SSRN: 3729347, 2022. (With Petteri Palonen) 

'Mechanism Design with Auditing and Avoidance: Tax Evasion Story', SSRN: 4230382, 2022. (With Petteri Palonen)

'Why Are Branded Goods So Expensive?', SSRN: 4317792, 2023. (With Klaus Kultti)

'Free Riding in Status Competition', SSRN: 4648688, 2023. (With Klaus Kultti)

'When Aiyagari meets Piketty: Growth, Inequality and Factor Income Shares', SSRN: 3782991, 2022. (With Toni Juuti, Kari Heimonen, and Juha-Pekka Junttila)

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Email: teemupek@mit.edu or pekkariselle@gmail.com