Teaching Assistant

Microeconomics 4: Information Economics (PhD level, Spring 2019 & 2021)

Microeconomics 3: Game Theory (PhD level, Spring 2019)

Econometrics 1: Econometric Methods I (PhD level, Fall 2018)

Econometrics 2: Econometric Methods II (PhD level, Fall 2018)

Macroeconomics 1: Advanced Optimization Methods for Macroeconomics Models (PhD level, Fall 2019)

Macroeconomics 2: Stochastic Recursive Macroeconomics Models (PhD level, Fall 2019)

Student Workshop Lecturer

Advanced Macroeconomics I, Econometrics I, Microeconomics I, (Master's and PhD level, Fall 2020)

Econometrics I & II, Microeconomics I & II (Master's level, Fall 2018)


Preparation Course: Statistics and Mathematical Economics, (04/2015)

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Email: teemu.pekkarinen@yale.edu or pekkariselle@gmail.com